MuddHacks Fall 2016

MuddHacks 2016 has been awesome! Thanks to everyone who attended, stayed up, mentored and a big thanks to all the support from our Fall 2016 Sponsors.

Fall 2016 Winners

  1. Laser Telegram: Hamzah Khan and Daniel Johnson
  2. Sleep Dep Buddy: Elizabeth Poss, Coco Stiff, Lauren Hu, and Mackenzie Kong-Sivert
  3. Removeable Skateboard Trucks: Jane Watts and Russell Bingham


See more photos on our Facebook page.


6:30 PM Registration Starts
7:15 PM Kickoff Event
8:00 PM Start Hacking!
9:00 PM Lowe's Run
12:00 AM Food #1: Chinese Food
2:00 AM 3 Minute Run
4:00 AM Meal #2: Indian Food
8:00 AM Hacking Ends, Mudd Hacks Faire
9:00 AM Closing Ceremony, Winner Announced
9:30 AM Cleanup